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Tirum GmbH: Leading the Way in SAP Consultancy, Project Management and Support

Updated: Feb 9

A group of professionals collaborating on a project.

Robert Wisbrun, when he founded Tirum GmbH, had the vision of creating an ecosystem strategically placed in its international hubs to provide the most time-efficient and cost-effective services to its clients. Partnered with expert SAP consultants within and outside Germany, Tirum is a fast-growing SAP Consulting company that caters to small and medium-sized enterprises.

“We keep our customers happy by making sure that they get their money’s worth and a bit more” Robert quips. Not only do Tirum’s customers receive the deliverables, but they are also done in a manner that saves them money and time.

How, you may ask.

Well, Tirum has developed a structured interview process that involves 3 expert interviews to assure customers of quality service from consultants who match their unique business needs. Tirum also has a 3-day fast action response to assure customers things are done in a timely fashion. Now, that is Tirum finding the sweet spot between quality and speed to assure customers of time-efficient and cost-effective services.

With Tirum’s roster of in-house consultants who are experts in different areas of SAP project management and support, they can provide a full cycle service that includes Project Management, Project Support, ​Application Retirement, ​SAP Support and ​Enterprise Data Management.

Asked what sets Tirum Consulting apart from other IT Consulting firms, Robert confidently said “Tirum listens to the customer’s pain points. We hear them that's why we can tailor our solutions to their unique business needs. After the project is done, we empower them by transferring to them all the knowledge that they need to confidently continue with the project.”

This is great because most service providers leave their customers still needing their assistance instead of fully endorsing the project to the customers so they can be self-sufficient. This is one of the customer pain points that Tirum wants to solve, and they are killing it in that department!

Whether you are a company looking to get introduced to SAP or a company who wants to upgrade your SAP system, Robert has this to say “You will want a team whose core values are rooted to competence, experience and results to handle your enterprise-level projects. If you have one that you need help with, let’s talk about it!”

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is something you don’t want to mess up as it greatly affects the performance of your entire company. So let the experts who have the proven track record handle it. Book an appointment with Robert Wisbrun, the Managing Director of Tirum, so he can personally attend to your business needs.

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