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Our Team Has Your Back

Competence. Experience. Results.

Meet our exceptional team of experts, each a master in their respective fields.

They consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations.

robert wisbrun_headshot (1)_edited.jpg

Project Management, Sales, PMO and Management Coaching GM

Over the course of more than two decades, Robert has demonstrated a remarkable history of adeptly guiding teams comprised of subject matter experts. His pivotal role in fostering success and long-term resilience for intricate ventures has traversed a multitude of industry sectors and global regions.

Through adept leadership, he has consistently ensured the fruition and enduring accomplishment of complex undertakings, reflecting his commitment to excellence and strategic vision. Robert's exceptional project leadership aptitude is underscored by his capability to synthesize diverse talents, streamline processes, and drive projects to successful conclusions.

Michael Schmidt_edited.jpg

Project Management (Firefighting and Turnaround)

Michael stands as a seasoned authority entrusted with overseeing, executing, and ultimately achieving complex initiatives amidst varied organizational terrains. With extensive expertise spanning Firefighting and Turnaround Management, Data Management, and E-commerce, his career embodies both versatility and achievement.

Michael excels in skilfully manoeuvring through timelines, financial constraints, and stakeholder expectations, adeptly embracing and conquering challenges as they arise. Guided by his adept communication and exceptional leadership, he assumes a pivotal position in driving projects towards their envisioned accomplishments.


Director - Talent Management & PMO

With an extensive career spanning 26 years, Sam is a seasoned Consultant Programme/PMO Manager, delivering successful projects across diverse sectors such as finance, pharmaceuticals, and telecoms. He demonstrates mastery in formulating and implementing project management strategies, adeptly steering cross-functional teams, and fostering business expansion.

Sam's accomplishments extend to thriving in high-pressure contexts, highlighting his remarkable acumen in problem-solving and communication. Driven by a commitment to excellence, he channels his passion into effecting substantial transformations within the organisations he engages with.

Jürgen Stransky headshot_edited.jpg

Sales and Application retirement Expert

With an extensive 35-year IT tenure, he boasts 20+ years of global sales leadership in top SAP-focused consultancies, underlining his exceptional career. Over 15 years, he showcased prowess in "Application Retirement Services," fortifying his reputation. Notably, his adept client dedication positions him as a trusted partner, open to new ventures.

Furthermore, his international sales successes span continents, amplifying his success. His strategic acumen and cultural sensitivity facilitated expansion into diverse markets, where he consistently exceeded targets. These global accomplishments underscore his unwavering commitment to driving international sales achievements.

Seyda Tuana Demir headshot.jpg

OTC Architect

Seyda is an accomplished SAP SD Consultant, boasting a rich experience spanning 14 years in the domain. Her impactful journey features 4.5 years of tenure at Itelligence Turkey (NTT DATA), a leading SAP consulting entity in Turkey, where she excelled in roles such as SD Team Leader and Senior SD Consultant.

Notably, Seyda's proficiency extends beyond SAP SD, encompassing SAP OTC expertise, making her a well-rounded professional capable of addressing diverse project needs.

Her dedication to delivering excellence reflects a commitment that has consistently driven success throughout her career.

Bill Alim_edited.jpg

Architect Enterprise Data Management

Bill is an accomplished SAP MDG consultant with an 18-year global track record, serving Shell, GSK, and KODAK. Backed by a strong technical foundation as a certified SAP Consultant, he adeptly engages with stakeholders across hierarchies to comprehend their requirements and adeptly align expectations.

His remarkable proficiency extends to stakeholder management, meticulous workflow coordination, and effective communication within dynamic landscapes. Bill is always eager to leverage his extensive experience and distinct skill set, which harmonises technical prowess with change management acumen.

Esli Richards headshot_edited.jpg

Certified FICO and PTP Architect

Esli, a seasoned SAP Certified Functional Solution Architect, brings a remarkable 30-year track record of triumphantly implementing SAP solutions (PTP, FI/Co, MM) for diverse end clients across versions spanning 3.1 to S/4 HANA 2022. His expertise encompasses both SAP Private Cloud Edition (PCE) and Public Cloud architecture.

Notably, he shines as an adept SAP Document and Process Automation Specialist, collaborating seamlessly with SAP Certified 3rd Party Partners to enhance standard SAP delivery. Furthermore, his specialization extends to SAP Document Scanning and Document Archiving solutions, showcasing his proficiency in optimizing critical business processes.

Sophie Tinz headshot_edited.jpg

PMO Lead

Sophie is a seasoned program manager/PMO, lauded for her adeptness in SAP implementation. Her track record shines with successful implementation of diverse modules - FICO, SD, PP, MM, EWM, TM, QM, PS, GTS, and GTM. Her expertise is particularly potent in machine manufacturing and technical wholesale sectors, where she consistently delivers impactful projects and tangible results.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sophie navigates these industries adeptly, producing remarkable outcomes. Her meticulous project management skills, and a strategic mindset, have been instrumental in her achievements.

Sertac Diker_edited.jpg

Project Manager

Sertac Diker

Sertac, an adept Project Manager, specialises in infrastructure and worldwide SAP deployments, adeptly leading multi-lingual, and cross-functional teams. His skillset extends to overseeing change management initiatives and orchestrating organisation realignment efforts, utilizing a range of project management tools including SAP's Solution Manager and CharRM.

Notably, he achieved triumph in steering an extensive global SAP S/4HANA deployment encompassing intricate programs, tasks, and modules. With a proven track record of success, Sertac embodies proficiency in driving complex projects to fruition while ensuring seamless collaboration and impactful outcomes.

hatice kurtoglu_edited.jpg

Pricing Expert SAP

With over 11 years in SAP SD, OTC, MM, EDI and CCM Modules, Hatice shines as a seasoned specialist in pricing processes. Her track record encompasses successful full cycle project deliveries, accompanied by an in-depth grasp of SAP Support dynamics. Her proficiency extends to ABAP/4 programming, enabling her to adeptly implement user exits and routines.

Notably, Hatice's enthusiasm lies in crafting viable To-Be Processes, and she adeptly undertakes roles such as Cutover Management, Testing and QA Consultant, Key User Trainer, and Team Manager. Her multifaceted expertise and leadership prowess position her as a driving force in shaping optimal outcomes.

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